Needle Case Progress

Peyote beading requires an enormous amount of patience. I learned that while I spent several evenings working on my needle case. I finished the bottom tube section at a stitch-in with friends last week. Several of us worked on the needle case project that evening, with help from Liz, who was happy to see that we were making progress on the project and enjoying it.

Liz’s pattern makes a beautiful needle case with a red and white striped center surrounded with rows of gold beads, but somewhere along the line I misread the pattern and my needle case developed a red and white spiral pattern. I liked the pattern that was emerging, so I just kept on beading rather than ripping it out and starting over.

Liz blogged about the Americana needle case project and included a nice photo that even shows the top. Take a look at Liz’s blog so you can see what the needle case is supposed to look like and read more about the first project she presented as our new EGA evening programs officer.

After doing the main tube, the tube for the cap should be a snap. Yeah, right. Then the next challenge is learning to do peyote in the round and attaching the round pieces to the tubular pieces.

6 thoughts on “Needle Case Progress

  1. Valerie


    The needlecase is looking great! Heck, maybe you didn’t get the exact pattern down but at least you got the “peyote” part down! Just think you can now adding beading to your list of things you do. In any case, we really like how it is turning out.


  2. Amy Post author

    Thank you Val! I can’t believe that I got the tube for the cap done tonight at our EGA stitch-in. Liz presented us with a very challenging first project.

  3. Liz

    Love the alternate design. And I’m proud of the progress you’ve made and so quickly. You’ll be the first member to get a Gold Needle award for your piece. Keep up the great work!

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  5. Kate

    Amy –
    We were all awestruck by your ingenuity! So glad that you persevered and have a wonderful pattern to show for it. I know you’re up for Liz’s challenges and can inspire us all to complete her projects.
    Thanks to Liz for all her encouragement especially to us newbie beaders-

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