Presencia Floss & Just CrossStitch Magazine

I noticed an advertisement for Presencia Finca Mouline embroidery floss on the inside back cover of the March/April 2010 issue of Just CrossStitch magazine. According to the ad, this floss is “now featured in Just Cross Stitch Magazine.” I hadn’t noticed it listed on any patterns, so I went back for a closer look, and sure enough, I found a couple of patterns that called for it—the Little House Needleworks Easter design on page 18 and a Spring needle case design on page 42. They appear to be moving towards using this Presencia floss as a DMC alternative instead of Anchor floss.

I’ve never heard of Presencia threads before. According to the Presencia website, it is a Spanish company that has been selling thread for over 50 years in Europe and South America. They are now marketing the thread in the U.S. via an independently owned, but similarly named U.S. company. They offer 100% Egyptian cotton threads and also some rayon threads. The retail price for the cotton embroidery floss is $1 per skein.

I’ve heard that Beverly’s Crafts in Santa Cruz no longer carries DMC floss and now sells a different brand. I wonder if this is the floss that Beverly’s is selling instead of DMC.

Special note to Sue: Did you see the pretty Bluebird pattern in this issue?

4 thoughts on “Presencia Floss & Just CrossStitch Magazine

  1. Lita

    I saw that ad too, Amy. No……..Beverly’s is selling something called Sullivan floss. Don’t know a thing about it. I’m curious as to why everyone seems to be moving away from DMC.

  2. Amy Post author

    I understand why designers call for the variegated over-dyed flosses and silks; they sure are pretty, but nothing beats DMC for an inexpensive solid-color cotton floss.

  3. Liz S.

    I’ve heard of Prescencia in the quilting arena, but didn’t know they also make floss. Maybe we’ll have to do a stitch test to see how the three stack up?

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