Pagoda Pincushion

Pagoda pincushion

The March project for my EGA group was a pagoda pincushion. Each stitcher personalized the pattern that appeared in The Gift of Stitching (on page 40 of the July 2009 issue) with different color fabrics and flosses. I stitched mine on 28-count antique white monaco with pink and blue DMC. The center of the pagoda base was blank in the pattern, so many stitchers, myself included, filled it with motifs such as monograms and flowers.

The pagoda is the most complex piece I’ve ever made (in terms of turning a stitched piece into a 3D object). It was good practice for another project the EGA group is doing, A Patchwork Garden Ball by Twisted Oak Designs. We got the garden ball kits in February, with the idea we should stitch three motifs each month to be ready to learn how to finish it in August. So far I’ve got one motif done. I’m a little behind on that one.

2 thoughts on “Pagoda Pincushion

  1. Valerie

    Amy…..your Pagoda looks lovely! I can’t believe how quickly you finished into it’s final state!!!

    You rock girl,

  2. Amy Post author

    Thank you Val! I was surprised at how fast this pagoda went together. I might just make another one someday.

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