Car Troubles … So Sad

This photo was taken 10 minutes after I picked up my car from the car repair shop, and drove from Steven’s Creek to Homestead. How far could I have driven? One mile, maybe two?

At least it’s not like they said they fixed anything. They had the car all week (it was towed in last Saturday and today is Friday) and the repair guys were unable to duplicate the problem and there was no engine code for the problem. They drove it every day this week and it didn’t stall for them once. So they told me to come take it off their hands and bring it back if it starts happening again.

I couldn’t believe how fast it started acting up for me. I picked the car up at closing time, so I couldn’t bring it back right away. I did call and leave a message and told them that the car stalled out within 10 minutes and that I’d be back on Monday.

One thought on “Car Troubles … So Sad

  1. Valerie

    Oh Amy….there is nothing worse then car troubles. Doesn’t it make you wonder if they really drove it all??? I hope they find out what is really happening.


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