Will She Finish in Time?

Progress on the garden ball project

Progress on the panels for the garden ball project

Question: Will Amy finish all of the panels for the Garden Ball project before the finishing class on Thursday night at the EGA Meeting?

Answer: It’s doubtful. But I do have one panel completely stitched and beaded, so I will be able to start working on the finishing.

This weekend I worked on the letters I want to substitute for the word “GARDEN” that is on the pattern. In the pattern the designer said that she encourages stitchers to be creative and make changes to the fabric and threads called for. Then she went on to say that the only rule is that the letters must spell GARDEN. Well, that just brought out the rebel in me and made me want to change them. I’m going to stitch my name in place of the first three letters, and then fill out the other three spots with the year and a couple of extra flowers.

Check out Liz’s blog to see what the garden ball will look like when it is finished. Her post includes great tips for finishing the project too.

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