The mint panel from the garden ball

Well I Thought I Was Done

Last night at my local stitching group I proudly showed off my accomplishments at the end of the evening. I was only six beads away from finishing another panel in the garden ball project.

As soon as I got home I settled on the sofa, pulled out the panel and quickly added the last few beads. Then I took a photo of it and texted it to my friend Val to let her know that I finished the panel.

After sending the photo I started looking over all the panels and suddenly noticed that something was different about the one I just finished.

Upon closer inspection, I realized what was wrong. Big mistake, some serious frogging in my future. Funny, nobody noticed the mistake when I held it up at the meeting. LOL.

Garden Ball Mint Panel.

Did you spot the big mistake?

I guess I was just too anxious to get finished. It’s so close, only details on 4 more panels and then I can start that assembly.

One thought on “Well I Thought I Was Done

  1. Valerie

    I am writing this answer without looking at my unfinished Garden Ball. Is it the square that the flower is in the pot? I see a straight green line slightly above the top of the pot!?!?!! Nature wouldn’t grow like that would she?

    You know you are making my feel quilty because you are so way ahead of me!


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