JCS Christmas Ornament Issue 2012

Cover of Just Cross Stitch 2012 ornament issueThinking about buying the 2012 Just Cross Stitch annual ornament issue? Before ordering, you might want to preview the ornaments. Anita, of Anita’s Little Stitches, recently posted pictures of the stitched ornaments. What do you think? Which ones are calling you to stitch?

I am a bit disappointed with the issue because it does not contain a Britty Kitty ornament, but it is filled with some really cute designs.

A couple of my favorite ornaments: Christmas Eve by Pickle Barrel Designs and Roaming Reindeer by Blue Ribbon Designs.

One thought on “JCS Christmas Ornament Issue 2012

  1. Nancy Greenberg

    Thanks for your kind words about my Christmas Eve ornament in the new 2012 JCS Ornament Issue! If you want to look at some of my other Christmas and Halloween themed designs you can find me on Blogspot under Nancy-PickleBarrelDesigns – happy stitching!

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