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Ornament Exchange

Last night I attended the second annual Christmas ornament exchange with several of my friends. We had such fun exchanging stitched ornaments in 2008 that we decided to do it again for 2009. And after seeing how happy everyone was tonight, I’m pretty sure we’re going to exchange ornaments again next year. It’s not a random exchange, we draw names at the beginning of the year. Then. during the year, we stitch in secret (okay, some of us, and I’m not naming names here, stitched out in the open, with the intended recipient none the wiser), doing our best to make a gift our exchange partner will love.

Look at the ornament I received from my wonderful friend Val! Isn’t it beautiful? I love it! A precious little angel stitched on linen in my favorite color (it’s green for those whose monitors need a color adjustment). Plus, the ornament is made into a little bag that Val filled with Christmas candy corn because she knows candy corn is a favorite of mine. And the gift packaging was amazing too. Val put it into a big box with a bar across the top and tied the candy-filled ornament to it so it looked like it was hanging off a tree branch, while gently cradled in tissue paper snow.

ornament from val - front

The beautiful ornament I received from Val

ornament from Val - back

Back of ornament from Val

My exchange partner was my dear friend Sue. For her, I stitched the Prairie Schooler 2004 Santa, and changed the message from “Merry Christmas” to “Don’t Stop Believin'” because she is the #1 fan of the band Journey. Get the double entendre? Journey song and believe in Santa forever? Sue liked it, and I am so happy. This was the first piece I finished in the flat padded style. My friend Liz helped me make the twisted cording for it a couple of nights ago at our EGA meeting—right in front of Sue! LOL.

Don't Stop Believin'

2004 Prairie Schooler Santa for Sue